When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Why? Because for over 25 years, they’ve been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through sparkly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype.

The vision is clear – a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that can cause breakouts including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances its easier to formulate with them, but the bottom line is they”re just bad for your skin. Instead, they use ingredients that they know will work. That would improve skin health, and are only available from qualified skin therapy professionals trained at The International Dermal Institute.

Dermalogica have never taken part in animal testing, and Dermalogica is sold only where professional consultation and professional treatments are performed by professional therapists.

Dermalogica”s unique Face Mapping® skin analysis, your professional skin therapist will decode your skin – zone by zone – and equip you with the real advice and results-driven regimen only available from a trained professional.

Their far too interested in guiding you to a new level of skin health fitness! So, while their packaging may not be designed to color-coordinate with your bathroom, you can always be sure that they’ve  spent time on delivering your skin the high-performance formulas it needs.



Experience the best and only chip-free manicure technology with six coveted patents*. The superior CND® SHELLAC®brand 14+ day nail color is designed to look work as a system. The CND® SHELLAC® brand at each step from base coat to color coat to top coat to be sure you receive a superiorCND® SHELLAC® brand service.



The award winning CACI, (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument), has gained the reputation as the finest micro current  machine available.

Backed by over twenty years of research, CACI is the best known system within the beauty industry, and results are often so dramatic that the CACI has become known as “The non- surgical face lift. A unique combination of specific waveforms and ultra low frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals that have been documented to stimulate muscle tone and enhance skin tissue.

A unique bio-feedback mechanism automatically adjusts the microcurrent output delivered according to each client’s bio electrical field

CACI has attracted an enviable celebrity following, making it the most publicised beauty treatment in the industry’s history. Clients include famous faces from the world of show business, music, media and royalty. The CACI Classic offers, for the first time, a serious alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious

The CACI Ultimate really is the Ultimate aesthetic treatment system. As the very first treatment system to combine; Microcurrent, Facial Toning Crystal Free orbital Microdermabrasion and, LED Light Therapy Photo Stimulation the CACI Ultimate is truly the most versatile treatment system available.

The system’s multifunctional capabilities enable the operator to offer the most comprehensive range of non surgical treatment options, appealing to both male and female clients of all ages.

The Ultimate for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, sun damage skin hydration, stretchmarks and
acne / blemish treatment.

A unique wrinkle comb applicator combining the synergy of LED red and blue Light Therapy stimulation and high frequency Microcurrent is used to instantly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles thereby providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers.


IPL relies on absorption of melanin in the hair follicle, the system transmits a light to the treatment area which is a beam of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair absorbs this energy which transforms into heat disabling the hair follicle unable to produce new hair. Each hair has an individual growth cycle and to achieve unwanted hair reduction it is essential to treat the hair when in the growing stage.


Lipofirm Plus

The ultrasonic cavitation is a relatively new technique that applies a phenomenon known in physics to aesthetics. It’s a very smart way to reduce fat as it is converted into liquid and then is naturally eliminated with urine. The ‘UC’ reduces fat cells with certain manipulation techniques, the machine works with ultrasounds that form bubbles expand and are immediately compressed afterwards. Variation in pressure causes the bubbles to implode. This implosion damages the fat cells, reducing the localised adiposity. The second stage is radio frequency, due to the decreasing of the collagen production skin loses its quality ‘RF’ is the most commonly used procedure to stimulate collagen. This is non-invasive way of tightening loose or lax skin on the body and face.